Simon Fairbairn

“But more advanced, behold with strange surprise
New distant scenes of endless science rise”

Trail Wallet 3

"You should _totally_ let this lot look after your travel budget."
"You should totally let this lot look after your travel budget."

Recently launched Trail Wallet 3, which featured themes and these new illustrated characters.

You can read all about the app on Never Ending Voyage.

Wizard vs Ogre

"Let's see you magic your way out of this one."
"Let’s see you magic your way out of this one."

Another one done on an iPad in Sketchbook Pro, this time on the train between Milton Keynes and Burnley.

Robots vs Tentacles

"Anytime is fine."
"Anytime is fine."

Drew this on an iPad in Sketchbook Pro while waiting at the Airport. This is the second incident of Robots fighting Tentacles—the first was all the way back in 2011.

Short Story #21: The Great Carter T. Bloom

The man was already a legend at twenty-seven.

Carter T. Bloom, director of nineteen of the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful motion pictures of all time, walked on to the set of what was going to be his twentieth masterpiece.


"It's a cute, cuddly offensive weapon!"
"It’s a cute, cuddly offensive weapon!"

Frankie the Farmer

"And it's an long walk to town with scratched out eyes."
"And it’s an long walk to town with scratched out eyes."

Last week I published a picture of Frankie that could be interpreted to suggest that he is greedy and demanding. Frankie has now seen this and he has let me know (mostly through his claws) that he found my depiction of him to be deeply upsetting and unfair.

I sincerely regret publishing the image and unreservedly apologise to Frankie and all of the animals at the farm for any harm I may have caused.

I hope this new depiction of him as an overbearing, power-hungry farmyard dictator will go some way to reparing the unintentional damage to his public image.

Illustration: Angry Hungry Frankie

We’re currently looking after three cats at our housesit in Andalucia, Spain.

It doesn’t matter how much you feed them, the moment they stop eating they’ll be around your feet, mewling for more.

Short Story #20: January, 2018

29th January 2018

This snow-covered countryside has never looked so sinister.

Tiny icicles hang from the bare tree limbs, glinting like rows of teeth in the shadows. Patches of red lie scattered across the whitened ground, a grotesque dotted blanket over a wretched planet. Sometimes the bodies of animals—rabbits, sheep and, once, a deer—claim ownership of these claret-coloured spots.

I can get used to the sight and smell of the rotting flesh of animals, but not that of humans. The revulsion is the same every time: my gut feels like it’s being pummelled by a heavyweight boxer and I gag sharply, desperate to be anywhere else, to not be a witness to the devastation. If there is a body on the floor, it means that there is not enough of it left to rise—mauled beyond all recognition, limbs scattered, heads destroyed. These deaths are not peaceful; never do they invoke the comforting image of eternal sleep.